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Q: What do I need to know about dual dynamic driver mechanism?

A: This type of driver uses the physics of magnetism and electromagnetism to create movement which leads to sound creation.
There are three parts that make up the core of the dynamic driver:
1. deodymium magnet
2. voice coil
3. diaphragm that is attached to the voice coil
The magnet magnetizes the voice coil which makes it an electromagnet. Once the voice coil receives current, it creates a magnetic field that head in directions determined by the flow of the current. The voice coil is repelled and attracted towards this magnetic field.
Subsequently, this moves the attached diaphragm and it displaces the air around it, creating sound.
The large the air displacement, the higher the volume. To recreate realistic bass response in a driver, the driver must be able to displace air. This is why a dynamic driver is great at creating the bass response.
AF1 headset also uses dual dynamic driver mechanism with separate woofer for deep, impactful bass with clean vocals and clear instruments.

Q: Why does not the Soundot app display the name of the tuned radio station?

A: Please note that AF1 supports receiving radio station related information via the Radio Data System (RDS) Protocol, this is a protocol that allows broadcasters to send more information through radio waves. The channel name is one of the most common types of transmitted information that RDS standardizes. If the radio station’s name doesn’t show up in Soundot app however this indicates that the channel name information wasn’t sent by the broadcaster via the RDS protocol.

Q: How to save EQ & Sound effect settings into the AF1 SOUNDOT headset?

1. Open Soundot app on iPhone/ iPad

2. Click on “Settings”

3. Enter the EQ & Effect settings, create new preset by manually adjusting the settings then you can save the new preset into headset as well

4. Click on the icon to save EQ & Effect setting into AF1 headset

5. Save the setting

NOTE: since the EQ & Effect settings were saved into the AF1 if you plug the headset into a new iOS device the Soundot app (installed on the new device) will prompt you question whether do you want to sync the previously saved settings with the App.

This is also the case if you accidentally removed Soundot app and you had to reinstall it: it will give you the same options.
The settings saved into the AF1 headset without need for any further adjustment will play through in other iOS based music players (for example: Spotify or Boom) as well.

Q: My computer can’t connect to the NETTI?

A: Please make sure that your computer is properly connected to your NE ethernet cable or that your computer’s Wi-Fi connection is enabled.

Q: The NETTI app can’t find my NETTI.

A: Please make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled on your mobile device.

Q: I have setup my NETTI’s Wi-Fi connection to my router, but the Wi-Fi signal is poor from my NETTI.

A: Your NETTI may be too far away from your router. Try to move and re-plug your NETTI to a power outlet closer to the router such that the Signal Strength LED reads at least 3 bars. If the signal strength is still unsatisfactory, try connecting your NETTI to your router with an ethernet cable and set your NETTI to the AP mode.

Q: Why I’m not being able to sign with my Blackloud account after I have created it?

A: Please follow email instructions to activate your Blackloud account.

Q: Why am I not able to access my NETTI remotely after I have signed in my Blackloud account?

A: After you have signed in with your Blackloud account, you will need to enable remote access in the EDIT page. Please refer to “Enable Remote Access”.

Q: Why are the changes made to settings not saved?

A: Please tap “”after making changes. On some configuration pages the is not available. In this case please tap after making changes.
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