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News & Press Releases

[2018-Aug-15] --- Soundot AF1 Headset is now available for online purchase!

[2018-Jun-4] --- Soundot AF1 App Delay Notice

[2018-May-14] --- Successful exhibition at Japan IT Week Spring 2018

[2018-May-4] --- Blackloud products available on Amazon, Walmart, MWave and NewEgg

[2018-APR-25] --- Blackloud Netti WiFi Range Extender V2

[2018-APR-23] --- Blackloud partners with MWave for North America market

[2018-APR-11] --- Soundot headsets win Best of Show awards at NAB Show 2018

[2018-APR-5 ] --- Blackloud, Tempo Semi & Silicon Labs Collaborate to Announce Industry’s First Headsets Offering FM Radio without Internet Connectivity or Smartphone FM Chips

[2018-MAR-8 ] --- Visit us at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas

[2018-FEB-15] --- Successful exhibition in Japan INTERSTYLE 2018


In the news

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April 12 | New FM receiver headsets | Engineer Live

April 12 | Headphones that pick up FM on iPhone have sales posted for May | tudorádio.com

April 12 | Fones de ouvido que captam FM em iPhone tem venda sinalizada para maio | tudorádio.com

April 11 | Blackloud SounDot AF1 earphones offer FM reception for iPhones | SWLing Post


April 9 | Collaboration brings FM radio to phones without Internet | eeNewsEmbedded.com

April 8 | Headsets Deliver FM to Mobile Devices, No Chip or Internet Required | Radio World

April 6 | New Blackloud Headset Has its Own FM Tuner Chips For Use With iPhones, Android Phones | The AllAccess

April 5 | Blackloud Headsets Include Their Own FM Reception Chip | Inside Radio

April 5 | Are These New Earbuds The Best Bud For iPhone FM Access? | Radio+Television Business Report

April 5 | Blackloud’s SOUNDOT CF1 Earbuds Play FM On Any Android Phone | Android Headlines

April 4 | Des écouteurs pour smartphones avec une puce FM intégrée | La Lettre Pro de la Radio

March 29 | Blackloud Delivers Radio on Mobile Devices Without FM Chip | Radio Magazine

March 28 | Chipless FM Radio on Mobile Devices | Digital Radio FM Insider


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